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Caring For Your Evergreen Trees

There are three things that will help grow a great Evergreen tree. They are:

  • Good Soil
  • Good Stock/Seed Source
  • Good Airflow

caring for evergreen trees

Before you Plant Evergreen Trees

Know the size of the mature tree and avoid planting too close to the road or any other structure such as a house, shed, garage, mail box, that may interfere with its growth.

Be aware of any overhead wires such as telephone, cable, etc.

Think about what areas in your yard would be considered low areas and be sure to avoid planting in these areas. Evergreens must be planted in well drained soil.

When you Plant Evergreen Trees

Barnes Evergreens provides planting services; however, should you decide to plant the trees on your own, you should consider the following:

Trees should be planted in well-drained soil that contains a pH of between 5.5 and 6.5.

Newly planted trees need to be watered so the soil can be kept damp. If the root balls dries out, the tree will have little chance of survival.

Newly planted trees should be staked to help stabilize the tree and avoid possible wind damage. As a general Rule of Thumb, trees should be staked for at least two years.

Trees can benefit by placing mulch around the circumfrance of the tree. This helps keep moisture in the soil and also deters the growth of any possible grasses or leaves. Ideally, mulch should kept away from the trunk of the tree. Wood chip mulch works well.

After you Plant Evergreen Trees

Evergreens should not be fertilized until one year after they are planted. The best time to fertilize is during the Spring and Fall so rains can wash fertilizer into the soil.

Shearing/Shaping Your Trees

Shearing and shaping begins once trees are at elbow height and continues annually. When and how to shear differs among different tree varieties. During your purchase, we will consult with you on how and when shearing should take place.

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