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Canadian Hemlock Trees - Buy Evergreen Trees

Canadian Hemlock trees thrive best in Zones 3-7.

Canadian Hemlock trees (also known as Eastern Hemlock trees) are a slow-growing and long-lived coniferous tree native to eastern North America and has long been a popular tree in landscaping and cultivation. In the wild this tree can grow to be around 75 ft or higher, but in the use of landscaping has been cultivated into many varieties that fall more into the category of shrubs or dwarf trees as many times in these situations taller trees may not be as desireable -- though the taller trees do still have their uses as ornamentation and/or overall ambiance.

There have been many cultivars (specially selected and cultivated plants) that have been developed for more typical landscape desires such as:

  • Hedge Plants and/or "Privacy" Screen Plants (a "living fence")
  • Foundational Plants
  • Small Group Plantings and General Ornamentation

The Canadian Hemlock is specially adapted for many of these situations where other plants may not do so well due to the Canadian Hemlock's tolerance for full shade and preference for partial shade. Also, they are fairly easy to "train" and shape if you begin pruning while young.

Canadian Hemlock Trees (Tsuga Canadensis)

Some popular Canadian Hemlock Cultivars to keep an eye out for:

  • Gentsch White - Dwarf shrub which grows around 4 ft tall with an equal spread and new spring growth that turns creamy-white in autumn through winter, creating a dramatic contrast with the dark green old growth. It is easily scorched by the sun and requires partial shade. It is recommend to feather shear annually in order to keep it compact and create more tip growth.
  • Pendula - Upright "weeping" form of Canadian Hemlock whose height is dependent on how long it is staked, but is typically seen 25 ft tall with a spread of about 5 ft.
  • Sargentii - A popular large weeping Canadian Hemlock shrub that grows to around 13 ft tall with a wide spread up to approximately 19 ft. It features numerous pendulous branches and is most effectively employed near water, in rock gardens or on embankments.
Canadian Hemlock shrub - Sargentii

Canadian Hemlock Don'ts:

  • Don't plant near roadsides where salt may be used to clear streets of snow and ice in winter as salt spray and excess salt can damage foliage.
  • Don't use as a windbreak tree as Canadian Hemlocks are not fans of high wind.
  • Don't use in very wet or very dry soils. Canadian Hemlocks thrive in slightly acidic to neutral nutrient-rich soil that is moist but well-drained.
  • Don't forget to keep an occasional eye out for the Wooly Adelgids insect.

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If you have any further questions regarding our Canadian Hemlock trees or anything else, contact us today!

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